New Ground

Hi there.

I am back again with vengeance lol. I wish… Even though I am at this stage of my life without work and my household is without an income I seem to be much more alive and alert then I have been for the past 20 years.

My head is spinning with new ideas every day and it seems as if my thought process is spiralling out of control. But it is not… I trust in the Lord my God and I know He has a plan for my life.

I am not saying I wont return to where I came from yet I am not saying I will. lol. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I heard it a lot although I wasn’t so sure of what exactly in entailed, until I made this bolt move. A move some considers as stupidity. A move I call destiny.

Life was meant to be a circle. How can you walk a straight line for all you life and expect to oneday find your starting point. It just cant be that way. I don’t claim to know my future, meaning where I am heading, but I do know that I will get there. There don’t have a name yet but the Lord knows.

I am so excited about this mystical mysterious future that awaits me. I looked into some options of future endeavours but I am eaiting on the Lord to guide me in the direction I need to go.

I believe with all my heart that as He provides for me and my family daily He will announce the time and place I have to gear up and report to my station. I am not writing this to convince you that God lives. Oh no.

I am writing this as a testimony that He does live in me and that I see Him daily working in my life and directing the play that is The lif of Riaan. I cannot do anything else but thank the Lord for His grace and mercy.


changing habits

i recently decided to start a blog. why i am still wondering myself. but now to get my self to writing is easier said than done. i have a lot of ideas but to actually sit down and follow through that seem to be my biggest problem.

i have been absent from the web seen since my last blog. you know how life throws you a curve ball and causes your whole being to be out of balance. Well this is one those times for me.

I wish I could be more specific but at this stage I think that even I may still be in denial. I still have to accept the fact that I am no more. The person I came to love is no more. The person with the answers he is no more.

I am no more….

God now lives in me and through me.  All I can do is follow the instructions of the Lord as it is given. without question and without fail I must follow and stand strong. I accepted the Lord as my Saviour and I must trust that He knows best at all times.

Not an easy task at all. But it is indeed not boring. Everyday you learn new and interesting things. I get to experience God in a new and never before known way.

I have this fire that I cant explain. It urges me on and it feeds me when I am not sure If what I have to say will be received in good faith. But up till now I can surely say that the Lord is no man that HE will lie.


Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Lord.



till next time. stay well. 

My first time.

good morning. not really sure why I have started this blogging thing. not really sure how it all works.

what I do know is that I am here and I hope that my presence will in some way be a blessing to someone else.

I am currently in a phase of change, a phase of rediscovery, a soul searching phase, a cross-roads some would say.

hope that what I have to say will be what you want to hear. if not at least I have a recollection of thought and ideas for my children to read in future.

bye for now.



A 39 year old South African male and his thoughts.